Sasthya Seba Ambulance Service In Dhaka. Digital health services are Rising in Bangladesh.


Sasthya Seba Ambulance Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. And Digital health services are Rising in Bangladesh.

Since the onset of the C o vi d-19 epidemic, when interrupted access to health services drove health care providers and patients to use alternate methods to obtain and offer health services, the need for digital health has never been more evident and pressing.

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The creation of a digital health strategy would enable the government to improve infrastructure, connectivity, quality, and validation of digital applications in healthcare ecosystems in a more organized and planned manner. Bangladesh has advanced to a higher level of digital technology adoption across all sectors, and it now allows the general public to utilize digital solutions to aid socio-economic growth.

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Although the epidemic has had an impact on our economy, it has also created a fresh opportunity by establishing a cutting-edge digital platform. One component of that platform is online healthcare, but other sectors, such as developing trained physicians, nurses, and technicians with current equipment, should also be prepared.

With adequate planning and strategy, the rise of digital health services has the potential to have a substantial influence on the country’s rising economy. The entire economy may profit greatly if health services could be digitized with a qualified team and contemporary equipment. Patients should be educated on how to use and understand new digital services, such as the present online education program.Patients should be taught how to use and understand new digital services, such as continuing online education, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

According to Access to Information, Bangladesh now has roughly 15 digital healthcare service providers (a2i).
One of them is SasthyaSeba Limited. SasthyaSeba is a SasthyaSeba Limited-operated online healthcare platform that is leveraged by doctors, patients, clinics, and hospitals. The firm was established in 2021 to address the absence of healthcare IT infrastructure in Bangladesh, which makes it difficult to maintain a reliable database and provide end-to-end solutions for the whole ecosystem.

SasthyaSeba provides services for both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.SasthyaSeba helps by offering a wide range of convenient healthcare services like:

The sister company of SasthyaSeba Limited, Ambulance Service Bangladesh, gives information to patients to help them choose the proper service. In an emergency, Ambulance Service Bangladesh is dedicated to providing exceptional emergency ambulance service In Dhaka.

They have all the current services and equipment, including the most recent modifications, that serve in stabilizing patients and increasing their chances of correct stability till we get to the hospital. The most often utilized ambulances are the ICU ambulance, NICU ambulance, and Cardiac/ASL ambulance

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